Great Dane

Size - Giant
Height - 28 - 32 Inches
Weight - 47 - 58 Kg
Life Span - 7 - 9 Years
Breed Group - Working
Origin - Germany
Colors - Mantle, Fawn, Brindle, Harlenquim, Black
Puppy Cost -
Availability -
Maintenance Effort -


The Great Danes combines great size and power with elegance, Charming and affectionate, they are rightly called gentle giants of the dog world. With their impressive size , free moving grace, they are a  breed of extraordinary majesty. Their physical beauty coupled with intelligence and gentleness make them a darling of dog lovers around the world. The  Great Dane has been portrayed in various movies and comics as a loving pet. “Scooby Doo”  the very famous comic character is a Great Dane.Apart from his lovable disposition the breed was also believed to protect against evil spirits in ancient times.

Zeus, a Great Dane, holds the world record of tallest dog ever measuring 44 Inches (111.8cm) from foot to withers, owned by Denise Doorlag of Otsego, Michigan, USA. Zeus is as tall as the size of an average donkey at the age of 3 years. Considering his giant size the Great Danes have remarkable popularity. If you are looking for a gentle giant this may be a good option for your.


The Great Danes also known as Apollo of dog world are  one of the oldest breed in the dog kingdom. The breed was developed in Germany about 400 Years ago. Also there are signs of breed in ancient Rome, Egypt and China dating back 3000 BC. The breed was developed by using Irish Wolfhound and the Old English Mastiff. The Germans used Dane as a boar hound to hunt European wild boars, one of the dangerous animals on earth. However other the years by selective breeding, aggression and prey drive has been bred out of the breed making  the Great Danes perfect companions. The Gentle Giant was named national dog of Germany in 1876.

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The Great Dane is one of the most peace loving mastiffs. They are gentle, kind, loving, sensitive and very affectionate t o their owners. They barkless and never get aggressive unless the situation demands. They bond well with children and are usually good with strangers and other dogs. They are protective and alert of their territory and make good watchdogs. Early training and socialisation is required as they grow very fast from puppyhood to adult stage.

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Daily Care

The Great Danes require little grooming effort because of their short coat. They are prone to bloat, a common health issue in giant breeds. They should be given at least 40 - 45 minutes rest after feeding as a precaution. Vigorous running and exercise should be avoided until the dog is in growth stage as it may damage the ligaments. So only normal walks are advised.