Size - Large
Height - 19 - 23 Inches
Weight - 18 - 29 Kg
Life Span - 10 - 13 years
Breed Group - Utility
Origin - Greece, Croatia
Colors - Liver & White, Black & White
Puppy Cost -
Availability -
Maintenance Effort -


The Dalmatians are the white dogs with spots all over. Its one of the best looking of all dogs. They can have few spots to full body coverage. You will be surprised to see spots even in their mouth. When they are born they have no spots, the spots appear as they mature. George Washington was one of its first breeders in the United States. The Dalmatians shot to fame with Disney's '101 Dalmatians' movie. Dalmatians are very active dogs and great runners, they were used to run along with horse-drawn fire carts to clear the way for the run. The Dalmatians have been the mascot for fire organizations since then although fire carts have been replaced by fire trucks.


The name Dalmatian comes from Austrian province of Dalmatia on the Adriatic coast, but the breeds true homeland has never been definitely proved as traces of  Dalmatian type dog has been seen in Africa, Europe, and Asia. The Dalmatians performed outstanding service as a war dog in World War II. They were also used a sheepherders, guard dogs and even to draft animals.

With Kids -
With family -
With Other Pets -
Watch Dog -
With Strangers -
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Barking Tendancy -


Dalmatians are tough athletic, playful and eager companions. They may be aggressive towards strange dogs but are good with house pets. They can be independent and stubborn and also have issues with temperament and aggression sometimes. Early socialization and consistent training is can make them wonderful companion dogs.

Exercise Needs -
Trainability -
Heat Tolerance -
Cold Tolerance -
Shedding -
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Obesity -
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Daily Care

Dalmatians being energetic breed with enormous stamina needs daily long walks or jogs making them perfect jogging companion. Dalmatian are unable to metabolize uric acid into allantoin, which can lead to difficulties in urination, so special care needs to be taken by feeding them right kind of food. Their short coat requires minimal care.