Bull Terrier

Size - Medium
Height - 21 - 22 inches
Weight - 25 - 37 Inches
Life Span - 11 - 14 Years
Breed Group - Terrier
Origin - England
Colors - Fawn & White, White & Black Brindle, Brindle & White, Tri-color, Red &White, White
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The Bull Terriers are comical, playful, assertive and very mischievous dogs. They are best described as a 3-year-old child in a dog suit. They are full of energy and love to stay busy doing one thing or other. They are identified by their distinctive egg shaped head and they are only dog breed with a triangular eye structure. Having great charisma and muscles all over they were bred for dog fighting, also known as a gladiator in past. They do well with active families as they seek companionship and do not like to be alone for long hours.


Bull Terriers were developed in 1835 from a cross between Bulldog and now extinct white English Terrier. James Hunks of Birmingham, an English breeder, by careful and patient selective breeding produced a pure white dog with all the courage, stamina, quickness bad intelligence of old type dog. these pure white dogs were they modern Bull Terriers we know today. Bull Terriers were used as a guardian of the flock,  mouse hunter, companion dog, and watchdog.

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At one time an aggressive dog, its has been gentled well by modern breeders and today it is a good, loyal, polite and obedient dog. they are affectionate and playful pets and does not bark often. Early training is necessary. It can be aggressive with other dogs and small animals.

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Daily Care

Grooming is easy as short dense coat requires only occasional brushing. Being active breed, they require quite a vigorous exercise to settle into apartment life. Bull Terrier does not like to be left alone.