Bull Mastiff

Size - Giant
Height - 24 - 27 Inches
Weight - 47 - 58 Kg
Life Span - 8 - 10 years
Breed Group - Working
Origin - England
Colors - Red, fawn, Brindle
Puppy Cost -
Availability -
Maintenance Effort -


The Bull Mastiffs are powerfully built but are very gentle and calm at heart. They enjoy living with a family with whom they comfort them self well. It's a perfect guard dog as it will catch an intruder, knock him down and hold him without hurting. the gentle giants have the tag of best kissers in dog world attached to their name. Bull Mastiffs are used as watchdogs by the diamond society of South Africa to guard diamond mines. They may add up to your food bills as they consume more food being a giant breed, but they will surely turn some heads while walking with you in street and make you feel like a superstar 


The bull mastiffs were developed in 1924 by crossing mastiffs and bulldogs. The creation of Bull Mastiff is a classic example of necessity being the mother of invention. In the 19th century, England was an era of vast land estates, game parks, and private shooting preserves. A strong guard was needed to guard estates against night prowling poachers. This lead to the development of Bull-mastiff, a dog with a desired size, agility and proper temperament to be the best guard dog. The present-day Bull Mastiff is 60 percent Mastiff and 40 percent Bulldog.

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Bull Mastiffs are a combination of gaiety, fearlessness, seriousness, obedience, and affection but they must be under command of an energetic master. Bull Mastiffs are mostly good with children. They are very keen on the smell. They are independent thinkers and have a dominant personality. Therefore early and firm training is required to make them good companions dogs for life.

Exercise Needs -
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Daily Care

Bull Mastiffs have a short coat which makes grooming easy, but their face wrinkles require attention as moisture in them can cause skin infections. They need a daily walk to fulfill their canine instinct to migrate. They can adapt to apartment life if given enough space and a good amount of exercise. In order to stay fit, they need a balanced diet.