Bull Dog

Size - Medium
Height - 12 - 15 Inches
Weight - 22 - 25 Kg
Life Span - 8 - 12 Years
Breed Group - Utility
Origin - England
Colors - Fawn & White, Grey, Brindle, Brindle & White, Red, Fawn, Red & White
Puppy Cost -
Availability -
Maintenance Effort -


Bulldogs make marvelous playmates for children and develop a strong bond with its owner. The Bulldogs are widely known as an emblem of British courage tenacity, therefore they are often called the English Bulldog with due respect. Unlike its appearance bulldogs are very gentle and one of the most reliable of all dogs with children, displaying patience and playfulness all the time. In the United States, one bulldog was decorated with five ribbons and a bronze star for his war work. They are very much peoples dog seeking out attention and loving every bit it can get. They are loved by people for their funny appearance and sounds they make. Complexities in breeding make them costly dogs. They have a short lifespan, but they do well in cold weathers.


The breed is descended from ancient Asiatic Mastiff and it was developed in Great Britain As the name reflects bulldog was used in bull baiting which was considered gentleman's sport back then. It was so aggressive that Romans banned taking bulldog through the streets even if chained. IN 1835 the cruel practice of bull baiting was outlawed in England the breed was nearly extinct. Selective breeding since then has turned bulldog into a loving pet. At the end of its career as a gladiator, it was used as a guard dog, a police dog and an auxiliary in the army.  


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With Other Pets -
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With Strangers -
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Barking Tendancy -


The Bulldog is vigorous, courageous, hardy, well balanced and dignified. Despite its frightening appearance its an affectionate, calm and quiet dog with excellent character. Although some bulldogs can be aggressive with strange dogs, they are quite good with house pets.

Exercise Needs -
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Daily Care

Regular grooming is required as moisture in its wrinkles can cause infection if not cleaned. Bulldogs like daily outing but cannot tolerate hot and humid weather. One should not expect long walks and jump from heights from a bulldog. Also because of their shorts legs and small bodies they are good swimmers. Bulldogs prefer doing things their own way so early firm training is advised to make them good companions.