Size - Large
Height - 21 - 25 Inches
Weight - 26 - 32 inches
Life Span - 10 - 12 years
Breed Group - Working
Origin - Germany
Colors - Fawn, Brindle, White
Puppy Cost -
Availability -
Maintenance Effort -


Boxer's are great entertainer's and fun-loving dogs, they are like a small child and never grow of playing and chasing a ball. Powerfully build and exploding with energy they are true atheletes with a great combination of stylish elegance, strength and agility. Boxer is a dog with a long tongue. Brandy the boxer holds the world record for having longest tongue measuring 17 inches. The name Boxer comes from the way they use their front paws to jump as if they are boxing. Boxer's require human leadership, they are noted for their courage and make great guard dogs. The Boxer has been described as 'a dog of most beautiful ugliness'.


The breed was developed in 1850 in Munich by crossing Bullen Beisser Mastiff (no longer exist) and Bulldog. Boxer's where first developed for bear hunting. However, the intelligent breeder's eliminated its ferocity making boxer's perfect companion dogs. The Boxer was first shown in 1896 in Munich and a standard was established. The boxer has been used in police work, as a watchdog and bodyguard and as a guide dog for the blind.

With Kids -
With family -
With Other Pets -
Watch Dog -
With Strangers -
Aggression -
Intelligence Level -
Popularity -
Playfullness -
Affection -
Barking Tendancy -


Boxers are energetic, impetuous, dominant, devoted and self-assured breed. It may be aggressive towards stranger dogs but is good for others pets at home. Boxer forms a strong bond with family and remains loyal at all costs.

Exercise Needs -
Trainability -
Heat Tolerance -
Cold Tolerance -
Shedding -
Vet Visits -
Obesity -
Drooling Problem -

Daily Care

Boxers are temperature sensitive because of their short coat and therefore needs protection from excess of heat and cold. Their face wrinkles need regular cleaning to avoid infection. Being an athletic breed boxer needs long daily walks. They also enjoy fetching a ball or other sessions of play. Its coat needs only occasional brushing to remove dead hair.