Size - Small
Height - 13 - 15 Inches
Weight - 9 - 10 Kg
Life Span - 12 - 15 years
Breed Group - Hound
Origin - England
Colors - Tri Color, Brown & White, Orange & White, White & tan, Lemon & white
Puppy Cost -
Availability -
Maintenance Effort -


Beagle is a dog for all kinds of owners, they have become the most popular hound worldwide. The Beagle's lovable disposition win it many friends for his cheerful, affectionate and gentle nature. The Beagle is a good looking little fellow, with dark, sweetly expressive eyes, attractive coloration and a merry wagging tail. A beagle is a true hound created to chase rabbits in fields. They are scent motivated having an amazing sense of smell. They need to be in the yard or on a leash to contain them as they will go smelling as far as gone. They are best dogs with kids, always ready to play. If you are are planning for beagle get ready for the action.


Beagle is believed as one of the oldest of hound breeds. They were probably developed in Elizabethan times by crossing between the Harrier and ancient English Hounds. Beagle was developed for hunting hare, pheasant, and quail. In the past, mountain hunters carried beagle in their saddlebags. Since 1885 the Beagle has been in the front of America's most popular breeds and now stands in first place in a number of registrations.

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With Other Pets -
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With Strangers -
Aggression -
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Beagle is a brave dog who is highly active, energetic and determined. Beagle is quick, intelligent and even-tempered. Good with kids, it is a calm, gentle and incredibly tolerant pet always ready to join a game or adventure.

Exercise Needs -
Trainability -
Heat Tolerance -
Cold Tolerance -
Shedding -
Vet Visits -
Obesity -
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Daily Care

Energetic and possessing great stamina, the beagle needs daily exercise. A long brisk walk on a leash or fenced yard of reasonable size to romp in will be best. Being a social dog it needs companionship either of other dogs or its human family. Beagle must be brushed once or twice weekly and his long floppy ears need regular attention.